April 22, 2016



Through a senior friend of mine, I just now became aware of a great organization for seniors and senior dogs.  It is called MUTTVILLE and is located in San Francisco.

This group of kind people take in older dogs from wherever they find them, nurse and foster them and then find a great home for them.  As everyone knows, people who live alone and are older themselves do better and live longer with a loving furry friend.  Many continuing care facilities allow at least one animal per resident because they know this.

On a more somber note, many seniors with older pets may no longer be able to care for them.  Muttville will take them in, foster them and find good homes so the senior or the loved ones need not worry about the welfare of the family  adored mascot.

The website for the organization is  You can donate or volunteer or use their services.

Happy woofing.


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