May 20, 2016

Sometimes a great agent isn’t enough

There are a ton of great agents in Rossmoor. I am privileged to know a bunch of them. But sometimes and for some people, there is a need for an agent who can provide more than Rossmoor knowledge.

Seniors themselves and often Seniors with their families and sometimes just the families often need more guidance that a general real estate agent can provide.

The big questions:

  • Do we need Active Adult Living?
  • Do we need Independent Living?
  • Do we need Independent Living with some in-home care?
  • Do we need Memory Care?
  • Do we need Assisted Care?
  • Do we need a CCRC?
  • What in the world is a CCRC?*

I can tell you that when you or your Loved Ones go to begin research on the internet, it is a jungle out there. First, it is very difficult to find the different facilities based on one’s perceived needs (websites are often misleading). Then even if you know the level of care required and you click on a facility, you often (80% of the time in my experience) do not get that facility, you get a referral service that is masquerading as a specific facility. These referral services do not charge you. They charge the organizations they represent, so many times, their referrals reflect their financial needs, not your needs.

I do not represent myself as a senior psychologist or social worker, but I can certainly point you in the right direction. And I work with a team of social workers if that is required (they charge a minimal fee to you and do not receive referral fees from facilities).

If Rossmoor is your choice, and it is a superb choice for those needing an active adult community or even independent living, as in the Waterford, I am happy to assist in your purchase here.

If some other kind of facility is better for you or your loved one’s needs, I can point you in that direction too and am very happy to do so.

Please check out my website for an expanded explanation for the various choices in senior living.

P.S. CCRC is a Continuing Care Retirement Community which provides, Independent, Assisted, Acute, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing care in one place.

Written by Linda for Rossmoor News

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