April 12, 2016


For those of you interested in Rossmoor, it has its own special terminology. I can help you navigate this alternative universe. Please see the chart below for definitions:

Rossmoor-ese Regular English
Manor Unit
Mutual Home Owners Associaton
Coupon Monthly assessment
Golden Rain Foundation Overarching Non-profit Organization that Maintains Infrastructure and Amenities
Level-In No steps to front door
MOD Mutual Operating Division-group that maintains structures and landscaping
Project Division of a Mutual. Has its own rules and regulations in addition to Mutual
Qualification Income Requirement for Coops, even if you pay all cash
CCR’s Conditions, Covenant and Restrictions just like any other condo or coop
COOP Cooperative Units, different legal structure than condos
Radiant Heating Certain areas of Rossmoor have no gas available, those units have radiant heating or heat pump or mini splits
Mini Splits New to US, used in many parts of the world, heating and cooling units that are quiet and efficient (and expensive)
Entry Each pod of units has its own entry number, makes finding addresses much easier
Hot Pool Stanley Dollar pool is hotter than most pools (cooler that hot tub). Good for people with arthritis and other conditions
Models Rossmoor goes by models. People like this model or that model. This model or that model is level-in for instance.
Single Family Homes Just like in the real world. There are 63 in Rossmoor
Meeting with Mutual and MOD Prior to closing on a Mutual, buyers must meet with the Mutual and MOD to know what they can do inside a unit and what requires permits
Golden Rain Foundation Application All buyers must join the GRF, currently the fee is $9,000. It can be financed.
Securitas Currently the firm hired by GRF to provide security