June 22, 2016

Memorial Day Flag Day Fourth Of July

Here’s a photo for all seasons. It’s my best friend Monica who is now 93. She served in the WAVES (Women’s Navy) during WWII. She worked in Washington DC on the Mall in “temporary” Naval Office Buildings that were not pulled down till the 70’s. She was a decoder. She did not know what she was decoding because that was top secret and none of the ladies knew. Later (in the early 2000’s) she learned she was decoding Japanese code transmissions.

One day, she was telling a fellow Veteran her experiences during the war. He said “you should have gotten a medal for that”. He, unbeknownst to Monica, talked to an official/friend at the VFW. The friend wrote their Congressperson. Sure enough, she should have gotten a medal.

And here they are, proudly displayed in her 90th year!

You go, Girl.

PS She is holding a volume of a memoir she wrote and self published about her Navy life.

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