March 14, 2016

If you live long enough…….

Ear TrumpetOkay, another edition of my walk down Old Fart Lane.  After years of denial, I finally admitted I could not hear 50% of the conversation on the cell phone.  Very bad in my business.  So I got them, hearing aids (plural).  They are teensy tiny, come in chartreuse or purple if you like, you can’t see them.  The neatest part is that they are bluetoothed into my cell phone.  I can answer a call without touching the phone.  I am surprised at how noisy the world is.  Especially me breathing, what a racket.  My fridge talks all day long, and the cats lick very loudly.

If you need them, go for it.  Have a bunch of moolah in your bitcoins, though.  Kaiser has a senior plan that somewhat covers teeth, ears and eyes. It is not expensive and definitely worth it.

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