Senior Community Mobile Home Parks

Senior Community Mobile Home Parks Some folks reach the golden years without much cash jingling in their jeans.  For some a senior mobile home may make sense.  I recently worked with a buyer on one and here is what I found: Buying a mobile home in a park is really […]

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Affordable Senior Housing Proposed for Pleasant Hill

Rehabilitation Services of Northern California is proposing an affordable Senior Housing complex near Diablo Valley College. This is exciting because they are proposing 34 units for MODERATE INCOME seniors. This is very, very hard to find. It’s pretty easy for people to find low income housing but for many, social […]

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A primer on Senior Housing

The names of various senior housing alternatives can be confusing. Here are a couple of different forms: Active Adult: Those many, many communities which have sprung up all over the country offering single family homes with many amenities. There are no provisions for medical assistance other than what the resident […]

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Medi-Cal Long Term Care Coverage

YOU CAN GET LONG TERM CARE COVERED BY MEDI-CAL AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP YOUR ASSETS Listen up. I have just attended a seminar with a set of attorneys that have for 45 years gotten 90% of long term health care paid for by Medical. And they […]

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Senior Housing’s Senior Housing

If you haven’t been in the market for yourself or a loved one for senior housing, you may not realize it that SF Bay Areas boasts two historical giants. Rossmoor in Walnut Creek and the Sequoias in San Francisco (that tall building on Geary at Laguna). Rossmoor was one of […]

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OK Ladies (and Gents) We Gotta Be Rosies

There is a beastly competition going on between Richmond, CA and Ypsilanti, MI to be the Guinness World Record winners for the most Rosies. We were the winners, then Ypsilanti (Willow Run Bomber Plant) beat us… NOW IS OUR CHANCE FOR SWEET REVENGE Join me in your Rosie Outfit August 13 […]

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Walk In Tub for Seniors

I would kill to have one to soak the old bones in, but a word to the wise.  They do not even slightly increase the value of your home/condo/coop.  They may even be a detriment.  Even when OF’s are looking for a retirement home, they hate to see these large, […]

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Memorial Day Flag Day Fourth Of July

Here’s a photo for all seasons. It’s my best friend Monica who is now 93. She served in the WAVES (Women’s Navy) during WWII. She worked in Washington DC on the Mall in “temporary” Naval Office Buildings that were not pulled down till the 70’s. She was a decoder. She […]

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