Memorial Day Flag Day Fourth Of July

Here’s a photo for all seasons. It’s my best friend Monica who is now 93. She served in the WAVES (Women’s Navy) during WWII. She worked in Washington DC on the Mall in “temporary” Naval Office Buildings that were not pulled down till the 70’s. She was a decoder. She […]

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Sometimes a great agent isn’t enough

There are a ton of great agents in Rossmoor. I am privileged to know a bunch of them. But sometimes and for some people, there is a need for an agent who can provide more than Rossmoor knowledge. Seniors themselves and often Seniors with their families and sometimes just the […]

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Through a senior friend of mine, I just now became aware of a great organization for seniors and senior dogs.  It is called MUTTVILLE and is located in San Francisco. This group of kind people take in older dogs from wherever they find them, nurse and foster them and then […]

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Many people who look at senior housing are confused by the difference between a condo and a coop. The first answer is that they are a different form of ownership.  A condo is simply real estate, you get a deed for your unit and a percentage of the common areas.  […]

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For those of you interested in Rossmoor, it has its own special terminology. I can help you navigate this alternative universe. Please see the chart below for definitions:

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Eldercare Services Team

This is the team of social workers and other professionals I work with to help families and seniors make the best decision about short or long term housing.  They are aware of all the options, independent, assisted, memory care, home care, long term care and respite care.  They know the […]

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Interesting facts on Money in different Senior Housing Models

Of course, finances are a major concern for most folks going into independent/assisted senior housing. Here are some things to consider: Buy-In Models are often non-profit religious organization owned. Some of these are the Sequoias in San Francisco and affiliated campuses (to be soon in Walnut Creek Via Monte) and […]

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If you live long enough…….

Okay, another edition of my walk down Old Fart Lane.  After years of denial, I finally admitted I could not hear 50% of the conversation on the cell phone.  Very bad in my business.  So I got them, hearing aids (plural).  They are teensy tiny, come in chartreuse or purple […]

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Anxiety Remover

Okay, okay, so I passed another milestone.  I got Life Alert (of I’ve fallen and can’t get up fame).  I just wanted to pass along my experience.  Don’t be afraid of it. No one needs to know!  It really has taken a load off my mind because I live in […]

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