March 7, 2016

Anxiety Remover

lifealert-comOkay, okay, so I passed another milestone.  I got Life Alert (of I’ve fallen and can’t get up fame).  I just wanted to pass along my experience.  Don’t be afraid of it. No one needs to know!  It really has taken a load off my mind because I live in a rather secluded apartment and no one can see in.  If anything happened, I could be there for 2 weeks till the cleaning lady came again.

If you or someone you know or a client really should consider it, it’s got a new feature.  If, for example, you should forget your cell phone or the battery dies or it is broken, there is a device you throw in a pocket or purse and they can find you anywhere.  I paid $197 for installation and $79 per month.  And I am not getting a kickback for you cynics out there.

Besides who would mind being visited by those adorable firepersons and EMTs (think YMCA).

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